Experiment, Explore and Learn

Over the years. the Aura has created an impressive track record of well organized and well received events. The normal monthly meetings are for about 3 hours followed by lunch. In this process our members have the opportunity to interact and develop friendship too.

The Aura is truly a Springboard to Personal Excellence.

Feeding the mind

The on going continuous personal development through these monthly meetings literally assures you that there is no limit to what one can accomplish. Well known speakers eliciting on a variety of topics is real food for the mind.

Sharpen your Skill

The workshops for the members deal with a huge variety of themes ranging from power yoga to business management. high fashion to psychometric tests, puppetry to personality development and from music therapy to tarot reading!

See through the other eye

Be it day outing or overnight trip, outdoor events have always been unique. The day long Chettinad town visit or Gangaokonda Cholapuram or Tanjore Temple visit truly helped us see the beauty with a third eye.

Events such as a rock climbing exercise, trek to thalamalai and 2 Day Experimental Learning Camp at Pricol Academy of Excellence not only brought out the spirit of adventure but also helped in exploring ones own ability and move beyond the comfort zone. The leisure trip to Yercard and Pondy were unforgettable.

Experience your lighter side

The FestEva is an annual feature where the members have a fun filled day of games and activities which help them showcase their latent talents. We have had celebrities anchor the show. James Vasanthan, Brinda Das, Robin Chandok, Deepak dinakar to name a few.

Happy growing old

Come October and we celebrate Aura's Birthday not only with the members but also with their Family. Summing up of the year through the annual presentation, Prizes for members coupled with a Celebrity guest makes the day memorable