• Ms. Latha Rajaraman
    Though a NRT(Non Resident Trichy)-I do enjoy coming for Aura meetings. I am impressed by the professional way the meetings are conducted. The committee members divide the jobs so well among themselves that the end result, the outcome is fantastic. The guests are called from varied fields, and Aura definitely strengthens friendship, positive thinking, women empowerment and last but not the least gives the much needed relaxation. May The Aura radiate embalming light more and more and engulf its members within its soothing power.
    Ms. Latha Rajaraman
  • Ms. Kaveri Annamalai
    Alluring Unique Rocking Admirable - that is what AURA is. I have thoroughly enjoyed being an AURA member from its initial year. Thanks to AURA, my friendship circle has definitely grown. With topics spanning a wide range of issues, the AURA programs provide food for thought without compromise on the fun and frolic quotient. Hats off to the splendid seven who each time puts up a great show!
    Ms. Kaveri Annamalai
  • Ms. Padma Gopal
    The Aura -- A Treat in the Retreat ! Has something to offer, something to cherish. Something to emulate, something to replenish. Something productive every mile, To save and store in my memory file. Like a song which I love in glee, The Aura has become dear to me. Greatest wishes to the creative team, The Aura is a rendezvous supreme.
    Ms. Padma Gopal
  • Shylaja Phetlur
    A certain adventurous streak to push oneself free of comfort zone,exploring newer pastures taking the like minded along is evident in all Aura activities. And not for them the beaten track. They charter their own territories.
    Shylaja Phetlur
  • PC Bala Entrepreneur. Author. Speaker
    To me AURA represents a team of charming, capable, enterprising set of ladies that aims to create meaningful yet entertaining platform for knowledge sharing and interaction on multiple subjects.
    PC Bala Entrepreneur. Author. Speaker
  • Radhika Shurjith Choreographer, Media Visualizer, Producer : Thaka Thimi Tha
    Aura has created artistic development in women by bringing several well known achievers from various fields, from various parts of India to share their knowledge and also to interact with people at Trichy.
    Radhika Shurjith Choreographer, Media Visualizer, Producer : Thaka Thimi Tha
  • Bharathy Bhaskar Orater, Chennai
    I could realise that the members are a close, well knit family. Such associations are really a need of the hour for women , as an activity out side the family chores and routine duties is most likely to give them an exposure to the outside world and also help to carve oneself to a be a better person.
    Bharathy Bhaskar Orater, Chennai
  • Mohan Ram Actor/Management Trainer
    It speaks volumes of your member's thirst for knowledge and the innate desire in each and every one of them to learn something new.
    Mohan Ram Actor/Management Trainer
  • Sanjeev kapoor Celebrity Culinary Expert
    I have had the pleasure of interacting with the Aura members and I could see the verve and enthusiasm they nurture for self improvement and learning.
    Sanjeev kapoor Celebrity Culinary Expert
  • Dr. Vijay Nagaswami Renowned Psychiatrist , Chennai
    I found them a group of truly intelligent, sensitive and capable women who could pull off anything they wanted. The questions that my talk provoked also revealed to me how much they were in touch with their inner selves and how much of thought and application of mind went into the way they organised their lives.
    Dr. Vijay Nagaswami Renowned Psychiatrist , Chennai
  • A. Kaliyamurthy Former Superintendent of Police
    While participating in one of Aura's events, I was quite impressed by the way it was organized and the intellectual queries put forth by the members which spoke highly of the merits of the forum.
    A. Kaliyamurthy Former Superintendent of Police
  • Soma Valliappan
    Wonderful audience,wants to listen and very intelligent also. Enjoyed talking to such an audience. A different session altogether. Congrats and wishes to the organising committee
    Soma Valliappan
  • Lena Tamilvanan
    Your views on life and ability to analyse issues show that you (Aura members) are a bundle of talents. Let this sense of unity and unanimity of thoughts continue a long way
    Lena Tamilvanan